Sunday , August 28 2016

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Saloni Chopra Hot Photo

Saloni Chopra Is Taking Down All Stereotypes Associated With Indian Women in This Bold Photo Shoot

Even after 70 years of Independence, India still live in a society where majority of women are not allowed to step outside home after dark, where women are labelled ‘slutty’ for having a boyfriend and having sex before marriage, where people are quick to judge a woman’s character based on …

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Aamna Aqeel Be My Slave Photoshoot

Aamna Aqeel’s ‘Be My Slave’ Photoshoot For Pakistani Magazine Called Racist

Fashion designer Aamna Aqeel’s new photoshoot entitled “Be My Slave” features a model in flowing dresses posing in a mahogany room, showcasing a beautiful collection of flowing garments from dresses to a jumpsuit. It seems standard for a fashion shoot — just one thing: The shoot also features a young …

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مسلم امام نے عیسائی خواتین کی ایسی تصویر جاری کردی کہ دنیا میں ہنگامہ برپاہوگیا، گوروں کو آگ لگ گئی

Italian Imam Posts Photo of Nuns on Beach to Protest Burqini Ban  Izzedin Elzir, the imam of Florence and president of the Union of Italian Islamic Communities (UCOII), posted the picture on his Facebook page, insisting that it is “hypocritical” to allow certain religious outfits in beachwear while prohibiting others. …

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Qatri Princess

Qatari Princess Shaikha Salwa’s Sexual Scandal With Seven Men

Sexual Intercourse Of Qatari Princess With Seven Men The British newspaper “Financial Times” revealed a heavy-caliber scandal when the British security services had broken into a London apartment only to find the Qatari princess having collective sex. According to the newspaper, the British police was surprised when tracing a suspect …

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